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Jendresen Talks "Star Trek XI"

From Dark Horizons
"As we know, "Band of Brothers" scribe Erik Jendresen has done a deal with Paramount to write an eleventh Star Trek film which for the first time in history which will feature a whole new cast to be introduced on the big screen.

In an interview with SyFyPortal, Jendresen confirmed that the movie would take place more than a century before Kirk, but acknowledged that it would not be an "Enterprise" spinoff. "I can certainly say that the story concept, the basic idea of this thing, is pretty damn big... When they first approached me, I wasn't really interested. But they said, 'What if we could approach this as a blank slate, and here's a notion.' When I heard the notion, I realized that the people I was talking to were serious, and genuinely dedicated. I started to really think about it, and, ultimately to develop a story. And it's a pretty good one" said the scribe.

The plan is to do something grittier, "There's an old tradition in space films, if you think about it, where war and conflict are very sterile. Death doesn't hurt, it's not really ugly. You can get killed by a phaser and just ... disintegrate. We're going 160-odd years before Kirk is born. It's an earlier time, and I think it would be really refreshing to feel something in the course of telling this tale, instead of being wowed by special effects, or presenting another crew in jeopardy where, in the end, the captain does something brilliant, and all's right with the world" says Jendresen.

Reports have "Star Trek XI" being released sometime in 2007. No director or cast has been set yet, but it is clear that characters from other Star Trek properties will not be included."

This article has some questionable information... for one thing it says 2007 not 2008! And the whole Death not being ugly thing is something I really value in Star Trek. It is more about values and life than gore and death. I hope it isn't just action and shock value!
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