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Paramount Seeks Shatner and Nimoy for Star Trek XI

From TrekWeb:

"The search for Spock is on again, as it becomes apparent that J.J. Abrams' Star Trek story shall focus on younger versions of the original crew. With the Canadian Fan Expo nigh, the Toronto Sun made a call to Leonard Nimoy, who joked about having to write a sequel to his I Am Not Spock and I Am Spock books.

"My next title should be I Am Not Necessarily Spock," laughed Nimoy as he considers that his signature character may be played by another actor, one who might need blessings from the archetype (story).

Having received a call from Paramount, Nimoy now speculates about his participation in the next Star Trek film, suggesting that he may be willing to come out of retirement to reprise his Vulcan persona.

"The head of production at Paramount called my agency to tell them about this project and they are aware of Bill [Shatner]'s and my contribution to the franchise," Nimoy explains, "and they'd like us to know they might want some involvement. It was all very, very general.

"They might possibly want Bill and I to set up the story as a flashback. But that's just conjecture on my part."

Conjecture is often agreeable to negotiation, so the big screen may yet again see Nimoy as Spock. Shatner has already expressed an interest in more onscreen Star Trek (story)."
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