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Composer Michael Giacchino Scores Star Trek XI

From TrekWeb:
"Several online discussion forums, including the StarTrek BBS here at TrekWeb, have conducted casual opinion polls that speculate on who'll write the soundtrack for J.J. Abrams' Star Trek feature film. That score has now been settled, as the musical maestro was found at a Lost DVD release party, attended by IGN.

Michael Giacchino is a longtime Abrams favorite, collaborating on the Alias, Lost, What About Brian, and Six Degrees television series, as well as the Mission: Impossible III movie.

Giacchino won an "Outstanding Music Composition for a Series" Emmy Award for Lost, and he has plucked numerous laurels for his orchestral magic in The Incredibles animated feature -- including the Annie, ASCAP, BMI, Sierra, LAFCA, OFCS, and World Soundtrack Awards.

The composer says he's just starting to think about his approach to the score for Star Trek. "It's kind of on the distant radar," said Giacchino. "I know they're working on it. [But] it is so far away we haven't even discussed it yet."

Giacchino is likely to extrapolate upon the musical themes in existing Star Trek soundtracks.

"I think that ultimately you might pick the theme that you think is the important one and utilize that in a certain way, and then go completely somewhere else with it," Giacchino said. "That would be I guess in the same way as Mission: Impossible was fun like that, to take that and go somewhere wholly different with the score that the other two dudes didn't do. Not that it's better or worse but just different."
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