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J.J. Abrams talks about Star Trek XI


"Enigmatic TV creator sheds light on his plans for the next installment in the space saga.
J.J. Abrams.

J.J. Abrams.

When Paramount decided J.J. Abrams would produce the next Star Trek film, it knew it had beamed up a fanboy's best friend.

Abrams' show Lost, which finished the season number 14 overall, has developed a devoted fan following. Called "Losties," they are reminiscent of Trek fans' "trekkers."

In this month's issue of British movie magazine Empire, Abrams talks about his plans for Star Trek and the pitfalls of taking on a beloved franchise.

"We've made a pact not to discuss any specifics," he tells Empire. "But Star Trek is something I grew up with and love. I feel there's still a great movie to be made, another proud chapter in the history of Star Trek. We've got a lot of exciting new ideas."

Abrams admits that he has been remiss of late in keeping up with the aging franchise.

"To be totally honest with you...I haven't even seen [the most recent Star Trek film], Nemesis," laughs Abrams. "I feel like the series disconnected for me at a certain period, and though I will have to watch and see everything that was done, I want to see what not to do as much as anything. But as someone who works on a show that has a very loyal and vocal fan base, I do understand the need to be respectful. I think we can do the fans proud."

Abrams says that original reports that said the storyline of Star Trek XI would involve early adventures of Kirk and Spock were wrong, but he adds, "Those characters are so spectacular. I just think know, they could live again."

On May 6, the Abrams-directed Mission Impossible: III was released. The Tom Cruise action film has grossed over $120 million at the US box office so far. "
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